Short Stories

As I’m currently in the process of writing a series of short stories, I’ll be publishing them on here, along with anything else I write, for your viewing pleasure. Comments and feedback are always appreciated.

The Lonely Boy (Series)

The Painted World – The first instalment, originally an entry for a short story competition, which it won. This is the original blog post.

The Lonely Boy – Peter Wade isn’t quite what he seems.


4 comments on “Short Stories

  1. Love your writing style! It’s very fun and twisty, and an intriguing premise… reminds me of a game, Ib, that’s set in a painted world. Has there been any more work on this?

    • Why thank you, that’s very good to hear 🙂

      Progress is slow, but yes, I haven’t forgotten about this. I just realised I threw myself into it without really considering some pretty major aspects of the story. So I’ve started to work from a proper plan, so I don’t go off on a tangent. I’m making progress between work shifts, which are getting more and more hectic.

      Thanks for showing an interest 🙂

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