6 comments on “SPS (Sensory Processing Sensitivity)

    • To be honest, that whole article served as a confidence boost for me.

      And I’d very much like to get an fMRI scan to see if I have it or not. That’s the only certain way of telling.

      • Right. It’s hard to tell how honest you are with yourself when taking those self-administered tests. There’s definite room for error. It would be so interesting to get an MRI scan. I want to see my brain light up!

      • Me too 🙂 I’ve always wondered how you’d go about booking yourself in for an fMRI scan though. I doubt you can just walk into a hospital and ask for one.

  1. Accoridng to the test, i have it too. Now, i’m a bitter cynic and I very much doubt these tests (since the human brain is succeptible to modifying data about itself), but I have to admit that I feel deeply uncomfortable with unknown people, and it takes me a while before I can successfully establish contact with a person.

    • I think the main points to consider are the ones regarding over-stimulation. If you feel somewhat overwhelmed or uncomfortable in the situations listed in the test, like I often do, then I’d say that’s how you can be most sure without the fMRI scan.

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