2 comments on “Misplaced Skepticism?

  1. I’ve tried out Windows 8 myself and the lack of folders is what drove me away from it. I preffer for the e-trash that I have to be neatly organised into folders. I like things to be organised into sub-folders and the sub-folders organised into folders. Thus, i can have one map named “art”, have several subfolders, one labeled “Stuff I made” and one labeled “Stuff I didn’t make, but I like”.

    While I admire the guts they had to pull this off, I won’t be using Win8 because my idea of organisation is not “Like My Touch Phone”. If they release a version with an option to switch to desktop, Win8 would have many more users, including myself.

    • I imagine you aren’t the only one with that opinion. I too admire their guts to even attempt it, and even though it’s growing on me, I still agree with you that it could be better. I feel at this point if I converted my own laptop into Windows 8, I’d feel some nostalgia.

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