4 comments on “The iTomb

  1. I consulted my tame computer guro/techno geek on this. His response:
    interesting idea.. But no amount of anti vandalism measures will keep them maintenance free.

    Maybe the tombs could just contain the memories and people bring along there own devices to view
    them via wifi NFC, or some future form of comms. In fact it would probably make more sense for
    all the data to be held on a server as per usual and the graveyard just provide a decent
    connection so people don’t have to rely on potentially bad mobile phone data coverage. They could
    have those QR codes on to prevent people needing to type a name in.

    Also, in trying to get back to this page (WordPress seems to have removed the convenient list of blogs I used to use) I accidentally came across a site something about weebles that had a blog entry about itombs but the sketch just looked like an ordinary coffin to me.

    Have you tried Googling iTombs? Quite a lot of results – one apparently bronze age!

    Did the picture come from the news thingy you saw or is it your own?

    • Interesting, I never really considered maintenance as an issue. I can only imagine the creator considered this in one way or another, but it wasn’t deemed necessary to report. I have absolutely no idea how they’d do it though, and the idea of a graveyard employing a team of IT maintenance staff is a strangely odd notion.

      I like the idea of placing a QR code on the gravestones and having the information downloaded from a main server, that certainly sounds simpler and more manageable. The only downside I see there is that not everyone has a device capable of reading QR codes, but I imagine that wouldn’t be an issue by the time these things became commonplace.

      An image search of iTombs came up with some pretty silly things, so I imagine the concept has been thought up in a comedic sense a number of times in the past. Having read that one you described from ‘Fear No Weebles’, I get the impression that too is just comedy. However the one I read about seems a lot more viable.

      I wasn’t able to find very much having googled ‘iTombs’, but then again I didn’t dig much deeper than page 3, because in my experience that’s about where the relevant articles end. I’ll have to try and find that bronze age one, though. Sounds intriguing.

      And I saw the picture in The Sun newspaper, then went onto their website and took it from there.

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