3 comments on “A Height Of Greatness

  1. All of this talking about how this is a revolutionary new thing has forced me to think: Am I the only one who realizes that baloon excursions to edge of space were already done in the pre-sputnik era?

    Really, the US were actively going to the edge of space several times, and i believe there were plans on setting an actual platform up there, rigged with ballons, but then Sputnik came along and stole all of the baloon’s thunder.

    No offense meant to Felix, i respect his balls for jumping that high, it’s just all that: “yeah, man has never gone that high with baloons before” speech everyone i know of keeps giving me.

    P.S.: This info was NOT found on Wikipedia. I’m better than that.

    • I have to admit, I didn’t know that. However the achievement is not simply how high man has gone in a balloon, it’s how high they have jumped from one. Just out of curiosity though, do you happen to know how high man has got in a balloon? That would be an interesting statistic.

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