2 comments on “Slenderman: Fact Or Fiction?

  1. This is the difficulty with popular scary myths. After a while, everyone starts to believe they’re real. There are plenty scary ghosts’n’goblins around in many, many different cultures, some have gruesome methods of executing their victims, some have more sterile and mysterious ones.

    I’ve presonally heard many tales of Slenderperson (still reffering to him as that.), some saying his victims simply dissappear, some saying that they are found as mangled and horribly mutilated corpses. Slendy is a mysterious and strange character, and trying to pin down facts about him is like barging into a room and shouting: “Tin Foil makes you lose your manliness!” without any evidence, just rumors and your own wild imagination tales. Some people will believe you, some won’t.

    Personally, i believe that the methods with which Slenderperson kills or kidnaps differs from person to person. Some prefer it to be messy, gorey, with guts all over the place, while some prefer it to be more mysterious, like the person just vanishes and reappears dead several months or years later in the exact same condition they were when they died, and there’s no medical reason why the person is dead. They’re just… dead. I personally find this last option much scarier, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

    Also, i don’t give a rotten tea leaf about all the “Documented victims” and “No, he does not take you to a better place” or “He just kills you, dammit.” talk, because saying that something is for certain removes that shroud of mistery that makes Slenderperson so interesting as a figure. I say interesting and not scary because i’m just not scared of him. He is an interesting mythos, and some people might be scared to death of him, but if i ever saw him somewhere (the real him with tendrils of pure darkness growing out of his back, not people wearing Slenderperson costumes), i’d be a massive idiot and walk up to him. No one can say what would happen for sure, because nobody knows and people who claim they do are just massive morons.

    • I do agree with everything you said, however the mystery for me is in the fact that there’s no set canon in the Slenderman mythos. Other than his typical form, he can do whatever the writer wants him to do, and that massive diversity and freedom of creativity when brought together means it is uncertain how he acts or why he acts like it.

      I’d also say that the fact people think he could be real is a testament to how well-formed a character he is. And I don’t like people trying to force an idea about ol’ Slendy on me either, but less for the reason that it directly spoils the mystery, rather because people who say that seem to be trying to create a set image for him, which in itself detracts from the mystery.

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