506 comments on “Top 5 Reasons Why Jeff The Killer Isn’t Scary

  1. Well just one thing Dean. acuallly 3. 1 I’m ten years old and I’m more scared at looking at stuff so how the hell am I going to get rid of that image? 2 How the f*** will he get into a house?!?! Plz email me because I mite forget this website email at sir_dean_alot@yahoo.com thx and finally the 3 Chuck Norris would kill him like THAT

    • 1. It’ll stop being scary in time. If it doesn’t, try manning up.

      2. He probably won’t. Certainly no easier than anyone else can, and unless you’re terrible at taking safety precautions, most people would struggle.

      3. I don’t doubt that.

      • Actually Dean the story of how Jeff became Jeff the Killer is not related to the picture of him itself. The other stories of jeff the killer All take place 10 years after the accident so he would be a strong adult (at least like 23 or something) and would be alot stronger…..i take your point on the eyes though, thats what always made him so unbelievable to me

      • Then those other stories are unbelievable in the sense that he would not be able to operate as a serial killer for that long in the real world. He’s far too clumsy and recognizable. He would’ve been taken into custody almost immediately after the events of this story, if not the moment he was admitted to hospital, given that he’d already committed a double homicide at that point, possibly triple – the story is a little unclear on that. It’s unbelievable for a myriad of reasons.

  2. Well even if he was real he would not last long. End of story. Now you can do whatever your heart desires!

  3. Also you guys are older then a fifteen year old think about a ten year old (me) but the only scary thing to me about this is the face and the ppl that believe.

  4. 1 and 5 are cut off because he is psychotic but if dont have eyelids then you can’t coat ur eyes with liquids that ur body creates so he must use eye squirts so what you can do if he attacks . Run have a friend stalk him and shoot him or wait it out an hour till he is blind

  5. Jeff didn’t kill his brother he just slit the BACK of his brothers hand and he took his brother so people think he died

  6. Goddamn Dean. I can plainly see why you wouldn’t fear Jeff, of course its just a story with a cliche everything and what not, plus, your points are solid, but calling the Slenderman “a horror character done properly” is lulzy in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect your opinions, just not that creepypasta character in particular. Maybe because of the community, with thousands of fan arts/fics out there. Maybe because a few historical drawings that vaguely emulate the Slenderman, thus making it more believable. Maybe because, the paranormal is something the human mind can’t grasp the true concept on, and what humans usually don’t understand scares us…

    Going back to Jeff. One aspect that a lot of people deliberately ignore about Jeff or don’t ask themselves is the origin of the infamous image itself. Who was the template face that was used to Jeff’s face? Well, like a lot of internet phenomena, 4Chan was involved.

    This girl posted an image of herself and 4Chan, /b/ I believe, they made fun of her appearance and weight till death, literally, that girl committed suicide, or so they say…

    Here’s the article if you’re interested. WARNING: A huge image of Jeff is shown, but since you don’t fear him, you shan’t worry now shall you?:

    Understand this is not to start an argument. Its just a point of view that most people tend to not know now you have either more dirt for Jeff or just a hint more knowledge about the subject for better or for worse…

    • The thing that makes Slender Man scary is primarily the mystery – the fact that there is no clear origin, no known way of subduing it and a myriad of effects and symptoms caused by its presence. The fan pictures and the fact it’s been made into a meme has dissipated its effect for many people, but if you remove that factor, it is a seriously well-done horror character. In my opinion, of course.

      And I’ve heard that story. Then again it is 4Chan we’re talking about here. That story in itself could be an attempt at horror. I can’t say for certain of course, but I feel that’s most likely the case.

    • What the hell?! Whod cut hands off if hes reading dis and take off my belt and whip his ass I assure u I bet hes not even real I know cuz my grandmas grandmas grandmas grandma had been telling horror stories her class bully wished for him to come to life I know its my ancestory so why da hell woud he chop ur hands off id chop his face off wit a butchers knife

  7. I love Jeff the Killer. And yes, I’ve thought about some of the things you’ve mentioned. But he’s a demon. His insanity basically killed his human side, leaving nothing but his killing side. yes, you could see him a mile away, I agree. but who would want to mess with somebody of his caliber? And his eyes, again, I’ve considered this. But he’s a demon. Therefore cannot feel physical pain.

    • He’s not a demon though. He’s human. And it’s not about him not caring about the pain – eyelids are a pretty important part of human anatomy as far as eyesight is concerned. Also, given what is offered up as fact in this story particularly, I wouldn’t say his caliber is very high at all. He would not last long as a serial killer.

    • Have you ever seen Halloween? I’d like to think of him as a Michael. He got set on fire,shot, , etc. and he lived. That’s kinda how I see it, but they’re both just stories, they’re not real. And Jeff nor Michael care about pain, they never scream or anything like that

      • I have seen that, yes. I’d describe it more as ‘hilarious’ than ‘scary’. And that’s the problem – Jeff hits every branch on the way down the cliche tree. He’s not even well done to boot.

  8. Hello my name is Liu Woods im Jeffrey’s brother i didn’t die he stab me 6 times but he didn’t notes that i was still alive im looking for that fuc*er, im losing my sanity as well,i have nightmares of my brother being killed by his new self, and im the one that knows more about it he didn’t burn his eyelids he used some paint.

      • Actually, people have been known to survive multiple stab wounds. There was a man during the Revolutionary War, I believe, who survived quite a few stab wounds. Well over ten. You’ll have to excuse me for not having a link or evidence, but this was, apparently, a story passed down to a teacher I once had.

        So doubt the story, if you will, but I’m telling you what I’ve heard/

  9. I saw jeff and jane the killer in my dreams it started out ok but then I was in a wide open outside space and jane showed up and started cutting me but it barely hurt and I hit her a bunch of times and she went away then the very scary part waster and showed up and started cutting me and it hurt more then he said die faster so he cut faster until I opened up my eyes looking at the wall still feeling the cutting until I quickly broke the dream and lunged myself off the bed and stood up and walked away. it actually hurt and I was scared because I wanted to look up if this was a nightmare or a sign Dean you said the five that were lame about him but you never said if he were real or not and you seem like you know a lot so please reply with a reasonable answer and by the way im 12.

    • He is not real. People like this cannot exist outside of fiction because his very existence defies logic. Probably the most glaring issue is the idea that he could be at large for any significant amount of time in his condition without either hurting himself through blindness or being caught by authorities.

      Do you honestly believe that this guy wouldn’t be the subject of a nationwide manhunt if, given what the “news article” at the start of this story suggests, he is already somewhat notorious and he fails to actually finish the deed on some occasions? Clearly he’s sloppy, he seems to not care about covering his tracks, and you wouldn’t mistake him if you saw him so he couldn’t operate in society well enough to obtain sustenance and necessary treatment for his eye problems.

      Also, he killed two or three people (I can’t remember exactly, and I can’t be bothered to check) in that fight, before he went to hospital. The story suggests he was never detained for that. Why would they let someone who just killed several people and is quite clearly unstable walk?

      There are more reasons, but that should suffice for now.

  10. Why would you be so mean to Jeff?? He is my scary guy crush. I would NEVER take his eyes out. However, I admire your strategy.

    • Because he sucks as a character, and I’m a cynic. Mainly, though, because I wanted something to write about, and whining about Jeff seemed like the most fun at the time.

    • he is not. he is a complete tool to the first degree. for fucking sakes the only thing hes good for is an original Halloween costume. but that’s still not much. reading his story, is like trying to escape a cheetah, whos smoking crack, and meth, riding a tricycle,blindfolded, uphill. he is so easy to beat, I could beat him without a weapon, cause i’m a skitz so I would break his arms and legs, and then choke him to death. you wanna know who is cool though. bowser from the Mario games. FUCKIN AWESOME BEOCH!! so just go back to anally raping yourself to his greasy as fuck face!

    • Both of those stories are just terrible. Whoever wrote Jeff vs Slender Man has such a crappy grasp of what it’s supposed to actually be that it’s just painful to read. As for Jeff vs Jane? That was just more boring cliched crap I could do without, frankly.

  11. I completely agree with you. To me, Jeff isn’t really that scary, but what does scare me is his backstory. The fact that some kids burned his eyelids and poured acid on his face just makes me feel uncomfortable and kind of sick.

    • I don’t find his backstory all that interesting or thought provoking either, it’s just ludicrous and almost laughable. Each to their own though, I guess.

  12. Well last night my little sister took my phone and went on creepy pasta and found Jeff the killer and we both were scared health to death like I had to cuddle with her Cuz she was so scared and then I went into my own room and every time I closed my eyes and heard go to sleep ( my imagination) and I didn’t go to sleep till like 5 and woke up at 6 then this mourning I did my research and found r site and it just proved to me how silly he is thanks dean soooooo much. And I agree slender man is wayyyyy more scary

  13. If he is really uninfective at killing how come there was only one surviver I’m sososos confused

  14. Honestly. I find it quite pathetic that so few on this website can actually seperate reality from fiction.

  15. i saw slendydendybendyman and jeff in my dreams i was in bed and heard screaming in my parents rooms and slendydendybendyman was having cofee with jeff in my dream and when i woke up i heard my window open and i felt like i was being watched so i stayed under the covers and played kirby on my 3ds

  16. Every time I dream of Jeff the Killer he gets shot in the middle of “You wanna go to FUC…” Vwola he is dead!

  17. You know what! Dean thanks man! You made me actually happy since my brother can actually get some SLEEP! Finally no more whimpering at night! 🙂 Now to get him “away from Slenderman… PRANK TIME!!!

  18. One of things that just bothers the crap out of me about the story is, the writer has no idea how burns work. Allegedly he(Jeff) has black hair and white skin because he was burned that way. No. Just no. If he was burned the way they claim he was(doused in bleach/alcohol and lit on fire), he would look more like Freddy Kruger; bald and covered in burn scars.

    I could rip the story to shreds honestly because there are so many bits that just don’t make sense at all. But that’s is probably one of my annoyances with it.
    And it baffles me that so many people actually find him scary.

  19. Jeff Is Dead So He Dont Blink You’d Be Safe At Daytime Anyway Because He Only Comes Out At Night! Even I Know That And I’m 12 And Read The Story Once.

  20. ok so lets see if I can summarize this in words we all can understand

    T. when someone becomes insane they trust almost no one.

    Truth: their are some people that even insane people would care for so theory is useless there

    T. bullies provoked him

    Truth: it take more than a beatdown to turn someone insane

    T. could’ve been possessed

    Truth: sotry would’ve told so again no good info

    just fuck it this is to fucking hard. this story was written so bad it gives me a headache talking bout it

  21. Thank you so much I was looking at memes at night on my ipod and I see his face with captions “go to sleep” and it scared the crap outta me

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