8 comments on “Cooking For Your Lady, Man Style

  1. Did I ever tell you how much I love your sense of humor? And with that aside, this is more or less how my father “cooks.” It will be a holiday, so my dad gets the day off. But being a nurse, my mom does not. My dad promises that he’ll cook for dinner. Sometimes, he actually will (and the results tend to be…less than ideal). Usually, he’ll just go somewhere, buy something freshly made, destroy any evidence of it being made outside of our kitchen, and claim he made it all on his own. Unfortunately, my mother has caught on to this little scheme quite some time ago.

  2. Why thank you ^_^

    Personally this is my preferred style of cooking, although I’m pretty savvy with some of those strange machines (I’m using the big one with the doors and the dials as I write this). This is pretty much what my dad does as well, although mom never lets him cook anyway after his last “attempt” aha

  3. A great article. I love the sense of humor you use. Still, speaking as a man who can cook (and therefore, by the laws of stereotypes, a great choice for a gay husband) i can guarantee thart cooking isn’t all that difficult. Now, if you’d excuse me, i think the firemen have already put out the fire.

  4. You’ve clearly never seen me attempt to make an omlette… You wouldn’t think so lightly of your ability to cook ever again. Seriously, I’m very bad at it.

  5. What is this room of which you speak? (If I tried to cook a meal for my better half, with my skills I’d probably end up on a murder charge.)

    Keep up the good work!


  6. Fantastic read, similar to something i’d read on cracked!
    You’re doing a fantastic job bro 🙂

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