4 comments on “An Ode To Britain

  1. I’ve been to london. Lovely place, lovely. Some of my friends complained that there are “too many foreigners,” but that’s the sorot of things i like to see in a big place: Diversity.

    I want to see a muslim share a coffee with a christian, an indian indulge in a conversation with me on the subway, and most of all, i like to get some good curry on Camden.

    Here’s to Britain.

  2. It is a good place, isn’t it? I’ve always loved that if you’re looking for a Londoner, you’ll be hard pressed to find one in central London. It’s full of tourists, which is a really good thing.

    So yes. A toast to Britain.

  3. Hmm, my aunt keeps beckoning me to take a trip to your lovely country in order to watch her daughter, but somehow this trip never seem to work out. This year, it’s due to higher travel prices thanks to the Olympic games. But not to worry! Someday, I shall visit the land of Earl Grey, scone recipes handed down from one’s mumsy, and the ever-perpetual moaning. It shall be fun. 🙂

  4. Ah yes, the olympics… A great source of national pride, and the current top reason for us to moan. Perfection.

    You definitely should come at some point, but if you do, be sure to wrap up warm. It could snow at pretty much any time…

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